Host A Better Party: Table Linens

We're starting a new segment on the blog called "Host a Better Party." We'll be posting once a week on different aspects of how to host a better celebration. There are so many ways to show your guests hospitality and to make them feel at home, just by putting a little extra effort into your event.

Something we're big on at Glitterati Events is the entrance into an event space, and the overall look of the room/space when people walk in. We love it when guests walk in smiling, looking around and taking in all of the amazing details (and the hard work we've put in).

One element that can have a huge impact on an event's overall aesthetics is table linens. We can't express enough how much of a difference beautiful, textured linens can make vs. your plain white polyester linens that most spaces offer. People tend to think that renting specialty linens for an event is too costly of an expenditure-- without even looking into it. Take the time to call around, people! We promise it's not as expensive as you think!

Not all events call for fancy shmancy tablescapes, but when you're hosting a formal event like a wedding or an upscale dinner party, you want the tables to be dressed up pretty just like your guests, right? Check out these gorgeous examples:

Above images via Wildflower Linens

 Above images via Kennedy Couture Linens
(one of our all-time faves!) 

Above images via BBJ Linen

See what we mean?! Taking time to choose the perfect linens really does make SUCH a difference in the overall look and vibe of your entire event.

Think about it... you spend hours/days/weeks/months planning your attire, the food, the color schemes, etc. If the tables are where your guests will be seated for hours throughout your event, then this is the one place where their eyes will definitely see every little detail. So why not put a little love and a little thought into how your tables will look?

Emily + Morgan


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