Bride on a Budget

Let's be honest, planning a wedding would be soooo much easier if you had a limitless budget. A lot of the stress of wedding planning comes from keeping the costs down... and little things add up so quickly, you can be over budget long before you even realize it. We have some ideas for those brides who are trying to throw a gorgeous wedding without emptying their pockets.

Enter today's topic: Centerpieces.

Centerpieces can range on the price scale from "reasonable" to upwards of $700 a pop!!! Isn't that crazy?! I mean, it's an arrangement of flowers for goodness sake. And having one on each table can get very costly, even if you opt for smaller/medium sized arrangements that can cost anywhere from $50-$300+ a piece! The most depressing thing of all is that more often than not, these gorgeous arrangements get THROWN AWAY at the end of the night (we've seen it happen too many times). So they literally sit there to look pretty for 5-6 hours, and then get dumped in the trash. Ouch.

One of the easiest ways to save $ on your big day is by spending less on flowers. Yes, they're beautiful to look at, but sometimes they are simply impractical.

Check out these lovely inspiration photos for smaller centerpieces that still create a "wow" factor. Try using bud vases-- paint them, use different size and shaped vases, use different kinds of flowers in them that are all different colors or shades of the same color. Play with texture in your flower selections, use a lot of candles to create a romantic look, and mirrors can add a lot when placed underneath your centerpieces. Mason jars, fruits, soup cans... the options are endless! So get creative and save a little dough!

All images via Pinterest.


To Fast or Not To Fast

A juice fast. A juice cleanse. A detoxifying, juicing, body purifying experience...? Who has an opinion on this? Apparently by drinking 6-8 servings of pure juice a day you can clear your skin, improve mental clarity, reap anti-aging benefits, lose weight, experience a better mood, and get healthier nails and hair.... plus MORE.

Story of our lives...

As brides-to-be, we have both heard of this trend and it seems like every gal these days is swearing by it... we are both intrigued by it. We may be testing the waters with a 3 day fast next week. We'll report back to you and let you know how it goes. It sounds good in theory, but we're a little nervous about the lack of solid foods. How can not eating improve our moods?!

Blueprint Cleanse

Ritual Cleanse

While we contemplate and research, tell us if you've ever done one, what your thoughts are on it, and which brand/kind you recommend. See you next week!



"OMG, you have a truck made out of food?"

...Did anyone get the Happy Endings reference in the title? Sorry... it had to be done, it's one of our favorite sitcoms ever. 

We digress. FOOD TRUCKS. Let's talk about 'em. 

So they seems to be all the rage these days, especially in larger metropolitan areas like LA. They offer SO many varieties of food, it's ridiculous. Next time you're having a party (or wedding, if you're into the casual vibe) and want to do something unique for your catering needs, consider hiring your favorite food truck! It will be all the rage, trust us, we've seen it. Guests will love the unique food experience they get with a food truck. Here are our personal favorites... 

The Grilled Cheese Truck
There are no words... just go try it! Thank us after.

Nom Nom Truck
Definitely healthy compared to most other food trucks.

Buttermilk Truck
Red. Velvet. Chocolate. Chip. Pancakes. OH MY.

The Sweets Truck
All the best desserts from all the best places in LA.

Which ones are your favorite food trucks? 


Who Needs Mascara?

OMG you guys, have you tried eyelash extensions yet??? It's definitely a risk, because once you have them applied for the first time, you may be hooked for life.

These are perfect for special occasions (i.e., here comes the bride or the birthday girl)... but the beauty of eyelash extensions is that they are amazing for everyday wear, and unlike false lashes that you apply with glue (we've all been there, it can get messy and frustrating), a professional applies these individual lashes and the adhesive lasts for weeks!

We can't rave enough about them... if you haven't tried them yet, what are you waiting for?!

Our all-time favorite place to have them applied is Makeup Mandy in West Hollywood... but there are several places that offer them.

On your next salon day, go treat yourself to these bad boys (it's way more gratifying than a mani/pedi, and an even better investment than a pair of new high heels).


Back in Action!

Hey people! After a ridiculously long hiatus, we are BACK! Our blog has been neglected for far too long... we've been so busy planning parties and weddings, we just haven't made any time to blog it up. That's going to change, starting today. See you back here soon!

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