Pop... Fizz... Clink.

Got some extra champagne around the house from the holidays, but no real occasion to open it and celebrate? Pish posh, we say.
Champagne is a great drink any night of the week, and it's also a great ingredient when you add it into a cocktail recipe. A bubbly cocktail is a fun cocktail. Check out some of our fave ways to include champagne and sparkling white wine in your next libation...

Prosecco over Lemon Sorbet = delish dessert cocktail
1 bottle of Sake + 1 bottle champagne + mint +
strawberries + ice = refreshing
1 part blood orange juice, 3 parts champagne,
garnish with lime... the end. Thanks, Martha.
A few lightly muddled raspberries + 1 tbsp honey, pour
champagne or Prosecco over the top for perfection in a glass

So pop the cork and enjoy already!

Emily + Morgan

all images via Pinterest

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  1. Oooh! The blood orange and champagne one looks like it would be perfect for the brunch party I'm hosting later this month! Thanks, girls! Xo


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