Happy {Almost} Valentine's Day

That lovey dovey holiday is almost here, and as event planners we can't help but get into it. We love celebrating every day, but put a theme to it and we're suckers for the cause. When it comes to holidays, we're not huge on over-the-top, kitschy themes. We're a lot more into subtle hints of holidays, rather than the in-your-face style. For instance, on Valentine's Day, we don't think everything has to be in a heart shape. Check out what we mean...

Poptart Pops // via

Strawberry + Angel Food Cake + Chocolate Drizzled Skewers // via

Pink Donuts + Toasted Coconut // via

Raspberry Tiramisu // via

Cranberry Salsa // via
Fire Dragon Juice // via

Spicy Grapefruit Margarita // via

Fresh Strawberry Puree + Champagne // via

Basil Watermelon Caipirinha // via

Blood Orange Gin Sparkler // via

I love you like ___ loves ___ // via

Sorry, I'm not Don Draper // via

we go together like trix and silly rabbits // via

You're Neat // via

we belong together // via

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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