To Fast or Not To Fast

A juice fast. A juice cleanse. A detoxifying, juicing, body purifying experience...? Who has an opinion on this? Apparently by drinking 6-8 servings of pure juice a day you can clear your skin, improve mental clarity, reap anti-aging benefits, lose weight, experience a better mood, and get healthier nails and hair.... plus MORE.

Story of our lives...

As brides-to-be, we have both heard of this trend and it seems like every gal these days is swearing by it... we are both intrigued by it. We may be testing the waters with a 3 day fast next week. We'll report back to you and let you know how it goes. It sounds good in theory, but we're a little nervous about the lack of solid foods. How can not eating improve our moods?!

Blueprint Cleanse

Ritual Cleanse

While we contemplate and research, tell us if you've ever done one, what your thoughts are on it, and which brand/kind you recommend. See you next week!


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  1. I have wanted to try a 3 day cleanse for a while now. I have done a fair bit of reasearch on cleanses... and all the benefits you talk about really do seem to happen! However, the weight you lose on a juice fast is typically water weight, so when you begin eating again normally it will likely come right back. Even so, it can kick start a healthy diet or a change in eating habits. Prepare to feel hungry a lot and crabby... but eventually there comes a euphoria (or say they say!). Let us know if you girls end up doing one. I'm intrigued...


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