"OMG, you have a truck made out of food?"

...Did anyone get the Happy Endings reference in the title? Sorry... it had to be done, it's one of our favorite sitcoms ever. 

We digress. FOOD TRUCKS. Let's talk about 'em. 

So they seems to be all the rage these days, especially in larger metropolitan areas like LA. They offer SO many varieties of food, it's ridiculous. Next time you're having a party (or wedding, if you're into the casual vibe) and want to do something unique for your catering needs, consider hiring your favorite food truck! It will be all the rage, trust us, we've seen it. Guests will love the unique food experience they get with a food truck. Here are our personal favorites... 

The Grilled Cheese Truck
There are no words... just go try it! Thank us after.

Nom Nom Truck
Definitely healthy compared to most other food trucks.

Buttermilk Truck
Red. Velvet. Chocolate. Chip. Pancakes. OH MY.

The Sweets Truck
All the best desserts from all the best places in LA.

Which ones are your favorite food trucks? 

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