Neon, Neon

Yep, today's post title is totally an ode to John Mayer. Couldn't help ourselves. But let's get back to business... neon is the topic of the day.

We've all seen neon colors slowly but surely coming back into style throughout the past few years. But these days neon is back in full force-- in fashion, home decor, accessories... all over the place. So that leads us to the question of the day: what do we think about neon weddings?

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Do you think a neon wedding is bright and fun? Or is it too Saved-by-the-Bell-tastic for your taste? Just curious...

Emily + Morgan

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  1. Love love LOVE today's post! Even though I can't get enough of neon in my wardrobe, I hadn't even thought of trying to incorporate it in a wedding. Glitterati... this is a keeper!


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